Friday, November 28, 2008

Starvation Creek State Park

Today's hike took me to Starvation Falls (top-right) and Warren Falls (bottom-right). Sorry, I neglected to adjust the white balance on one of the photos, that's why the greens are off. You can decide which you like the best ;-)

Lancaster Falls is a bit further but I decided to hike the Mt. Defiance cut-off trail to Starvation ridge and didn't make it to that waterfall.

The hiking here is steep, very steep and I wouldn't recommend the cut-off trail if it were raining or icy, you'd just be getting back up all the time and there's just enough rock that falling on one might cause some serious damage. I'll check out the main trail when I visit Lancaster falls but my guess is it's a better grade.
I only made it up to the first good overlook (see photos right) The views from the ridge are impressive to say the least and I'm looking forward to hiking this area more.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads my blog but I suppose at least one person does, well I'm hoping that's the case. If not, well... at least I'm amused!

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Aimee J'Adore said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog, that was really kind of you. And now I was able to find you! :) I'm glad you show your work and tell us all what you're up to. You mentioned a few times you have gone through some hard times this spring yourself, so I wanted to express my sympathy with you. I understand!