Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

The weather was dark and nasty last saturday so I decided to use the afternoon as an opportunity to check out the refuge. It's really important to know the layout of an area before coming with the idea of shooting wildlife. Well, I mean in the serious sense.

It's an interesting place, there's an auto drive tour where you must stay in your vehicle (except in designated places, at the entrance booth and a blind about half way around the loop).

The wildlife is used to the cars so it becomes like a moving blind and some wildlife will stand right next to your car (like the hawk shown below). This was on the south end of the refuge, on the north end there's a two mile hiking loop. I haven't tried that yet but looking forward to it.

The photos shown here are from that visit and they aren't very good quality, but then they were shot at about ISO 2500 in an attempt to get good clear photos. Like I said it was a dark day, dark grey, with rain and spitting snow. Can't wait to go back in nice light, should make for some fantastic photos.

If you go be sure to leave the pets at home, they aren't allowed in the refuge. Be sure to bring your field glasses and/or spotting scopes and cameras.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Why you should visit the Oregon Coast this week.

Sunset -- Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, Oregon

In a nutshell, because when there's an off-shore airflow like now its clear and warm! Actually the weather is forecast good the next couple days, Thursday it'll start clouding up and the balance of the week is rain.

Portland was cold and windy, basically not much fun to be out and about. Contrasting that, the coast was about 65 degrees and only a light breeze, a light sweater was perfect. Consider this, much of August was actually colder!

Not sure what more there is to say, ate at Moe's, went to Ecola State Park, and back to the beach for sunset. It was my first time at Ecola, a nice place and the views are wonderful (see below). There's Elk droppings all over the grass near the parking area so watch for them if you're there at sunrise or sunset. Could make for a nice photo op!